Orlando pool removalThe Sunshine State is home to literally hundreds of thousands of private, in-ground pools. Thanks to our warm climate, residents can use their pools nearly year-round, but they are expensive to own and maintain. Those cleaning and maintenance expenses average between $3,000 and $5,000 each year, and if you find that your pool goes unused for long stretches, it’s not hard to imagine how much you’d save over the next decade with an Orlando pool removal.

A Fresh Start

Pools take up a lot of real estate. A typical pool with a 6-foot concrete deck around the perimeter measures about 1,000 square feet — nearly the size of a house! That’s 1,000 square feet that you can’t use for gardening, barbecuing, or even an addition, which would add considerable value to your home. A pool isn’t always considered a sound investment as many prospective homeowners actually avoid homes with pools due to their ongoing costs.

Full Removal

The type of Orlando pool removal you choose depends on how you plan to use the land afterwards. A full removal is the most invasive and costly option, but it’s necessary in some cases. If your pool has a vinyl cover over a steel wall, the steel wall will need to be fully removed. If you plan on building a permanent structure on the site that your pool formerly occupied, you’ll also need a full removal to prevent foundation issues from developing down the road.

Partial Removal

Partial removal is just what it sounds like. Only part of the pool is demolished — typically to a depth of 18 to 24 inches. This saves a lot of money, and you can save even more by using the debris as fill. After all, removing your pool is going to leave a giant hole in your yard, and you’ll need to fill it in with something. That’s typically some mixture of soil, clay, and sand, but you can reduce the amount needed by dumping the leftover concrete chunks in the bottom and compacting earth on top.

DIY Removal Options

Pool removals can be dangerous. We’re talking about thousands of pounds of material, and if you’re standing on the pool floor, heavy chunks of concrete are going to be falling your way. Additionally, it is backbreaking work without the right kind of equipment, and once you tally up all of the fees for equipment and Orlando dumpster rentals, DIY pool removals are nearly as expensive as hiring a professional Orlando demolition contractor.

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