Concrete cuttingTampa Concrete Cutting and coring are processes used to make holes in concrete or to shape it appropriately for use in the construction environment. Selecting an experienced Tampa concrete cutting company is essential to achieve accurate results for these processes. Companies that specialize in concrete cutting, coring and demolition can provide effective solutions for your construction firm’s ongoing needs.

Concrete Cutting Requires Specialized Equipment

As concrete ages, it becomes harder and more difficult to cut. Your Tampa concrete removal company will bring the right equipment to cut through these layers of concrete and provide you with solutions for breaking up concrete and clearing your worksite. This can streamline your workflows and ensure that your site is ready for further construction activities.

Different Types of Concrete Require Different Approaches

Your Tampa concrete cutting company will use different tools to approach different types of concrete installations.

  • Coring tools are used to cut holes through concrete walls or flooring to allow pipes, wires and conduits to pass through. This type of concrete cutting requires precision and experience to ensure that the surrounding concrete stays intact.
  • Flat sawing techniques are used to shape and remove excess material from concrete slabs.
  • Diamond-edged wires are also used in combination with water to shape all types of concrete and to cut slabs and pieces down to the right size. These tools work more quickly to reduce the time needed for these processes.
  • Handsaws and chainsaws may also be used in well-ventilated areas to make smaller cuts and openings in concrete cinder blocks and other smaller concrete installations.

Working with a qualified and knowledgeable concrete cutting team is essential to ensure that they have the right tools and utilize the best techniques for the job at hand.

Make Plans to Deal With Dust

One of the biggest risk factors in concrete cutting and coring is the dust created by these processes. Working with a company that specializes in these activities will help you avoid safety issues that sometimes occur in poorly ventilated areas.

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