Central Florida’s Experts in Demolition Projects

All demolition projects require strict adherence to safety protocols, technical expertise, continuous oversight, the right equipment for the job, and a great deal of experience to achieve the desired outcome. At Cat & I Concrete Cutting & Demolition, our supervisors and field operators have extensive experience tackling a wide variety of projects with the latest techniques and equipment, allowing us to efficiently complete your project quickly and safely. We can provide you with safe and effective solutions for demolition projects of any size and scale.

Tailor-Made Approach to Each Project

Each demolition project is different and requires a customized approach to reach the desired outcome. Based on the requirements of your project, the team at Cat & I Concrete will create a tailor-made solution to get the project completed as quickly and efficiently as possible

  • For buildings, homes, or other large structures, we can use our fleet of heavy equipment to safely and quickly take down and remove the structure safely.
  • In small or cramped areas, we can use manual methods and hand-held tools to ensure the most effective and safest results for your needs.

Our concrete scanning technicians can check for rebar and other materials inside the concrete that could affect your demolition. This can help you to achieve the best results for your project and can ensure optimal safety throughout the process.