Orlando concrete removal
Do you have cracks in your concrete pool deck? You may need Orlando concrete removal to replace your pool deck.

In some cases, you may need Orlando concrete removal services to replace a damaged pool deck. While many times you can simply repair small areas of damage, there are other times where Orlando concrete demolition will be better in the long term for your pool deck. There are several issues that can cause problems for your concrete deck. Typically, issues with the underlying soil are more easily corrected by Orlando concrete removal and replacement. Here are some signs that you need concrete removal for your pool deck.

Consider Orlando Concrete Removal for Extensive Pool Deck Cracks

Oftentimes, you can easily repair small cracks in your pool deck. However, extensive cracking can be a sign of a larger problem that will require Orlando concrete removal and replacement. Watch out for large or worsening cracks, especially in multiple areas of your deck. There are a few things that may cause this, each of which require Orlando concrete demolition. These sources include:

  • Improper concrete mixing or pouring
  • Substandard concrete
  • Instable soil underneath your deck

These issues can cause long-term damage, so it is usually better to start over with your pool deck. First, you will need Orlando concrete removal services before you can install your new pool deck. After concrete removal, you can correct underlying problems before pouring a new deck.

Concrete Demolition and Pool Deck Replacement Can Correct Drainage Issues

Improper pool deck drainage is another sign that you need Orlando concrete removal. Typically, drainage issues are caused by unstable soil or improper deck installation. For drainage, your deck should slope a minimum of 2 percent.

However, if your deck wasn’t poured correctly or doesn’t meet the slope requirement, this can lead to multiple issues for your yard. If you notice puddling near your deck, this can worsen cracks, promote mold or algae growth, and attract insects near your pool. Therefore, it’s important you take care of drainage problems quickly.

Whether your deck wasn’t poured properly, or the soil underneath has moved, drainage issues can cause major, expensive damage. If you notice puddles near your pool deck, you should hire a concrete contractor to get rid of your old deck so you can pour a new, more effective deck.

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