Are you looking to enhance the curb appeal of your homestead in Central Florida by adding a concrete driveway? Has your home’s sidewalk lost its once gorgeous luster, and you’re planning to replace it with concrete? If your answer to either or both questions is yes, then you couldn’t have made a better decision. Concrete sidewalks are a pretty popular choice in both commercial and residential realms, and when you consider the reasons, it’s not difficult to understand why.

Concrete boasts incredible durability and has a high weight rating. Thanks to this, a driveway or sidewalk made of concrete seamlessly takes up to four decades of heavy use with minimal maintenance requirements. At the same time, concrete is highly customizable. Therefore, a concrete sidewalk can be custom designed to add exceptional visual flair to your home or commercial space.

Why Hire Expert Concrete Driveway Contractors

Cat & I Concrete & Demolition take your driveway and sidewalk dreams and make them a reality.

When you have a project of this magnitude, ensure that it gets done by a well-established and reputable concrete sidewalk contractor in Central Florida. Sure, you can do the job yourself, but there’s more to installing, repairing, or replacing a driveway than meets the eye.

It involves a series of steps which, if not followed, will mess up the results. It also requires a set of professional tools, which you may not even know exist. Time is especially a critical factor because concrete tends to harden up fast, and calls for a team of experts who’ll work together to smoothen and finish the surface for perfect results quickly.

Luckily, you don’t have to look for experts anywhere else. At Cat & I Concrete & Demolition, we specialize in concrete construction and repairs.

Our concrete-related services run a wide gamut and include but are not limited to:

  • New installations
  • Repairs to stained, cracked, or crumbling driveways
  • Replacements
  • Concrete cutting and removal

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver not only outstanding results but also forge long-lasting relationships with all our clients. This is why our employees are open to not only installing, repairing, or replacing your sidewalk or driveway but also to offer helpful advice on the same.

The Cat & I Concrete & Demolition Advantage

Having been in play for nearly thirty years in Orlando’s construction space, we pride ourselves on a team of highly proficient concrete sidewalk contractors. They can tackle any concrete masonry project you bring their way. Whether you are looking to replace your stained sidewalk with a decorative concrete walkway, seal your existing driveway, or install a driveway in your home for the first time, our team of concrete driveway contractors will be more than happy to help.

Each of our contractors takes your goals to heart and works hand in hand with the rest of the crew members, so results not only meet but also surpass your expectations. Also, every member of our crew is fully licensed. You can, therefore, rest assured you opened your home and entrusted your vision to expert concrete contractors.

At Cat & I, clientele satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we believe we can only achieve it by consistently delivering the highest quality of craftsmanship. We play by the rules and adhere to every guideline released by the Department of Buildings and Construction. At the same time, we utilize state of the art concrete pouring and forming technology. We also use the very best of products when it comes to concrete sidewalks, installations, repairs, or replacement so we can deliver nothing but outstanding results.

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We strive to ensure everything is completed to perfection the first time, on time, and on budget. Our booking process is clear and transparent. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about hidden costs.

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