Concrete PourbacksCat & I Concrete Cutting & Demolition provides expert concrete pour back services to complete your concrete demolition job.

Any construction or renovation work where concrete is cut or removed requires a concrete contractor to replace that concrete to its original condition. Replacement of concrete is known as concrete pour back.

Concrete pour back is a necessary concrete finish service that must be done by trained professionals.

Cat & I Concrete not only cuts and disposes of concrete but can also perform an efficient pour back that matches new concrete to the original.

Any time HVAC, electrical, or plumbing companies remove concrete to replace or repair wires or pipes, Cat & I Concrete can perform a concrete pour back that will make the area look as good as new.

Why Hire a Company for a Concrete Pour Back?

Cat & I Concrete can perform concrete pour back for any concrete removal.

A concrete pour back is performed so that the surface maintains a uniform appearance and to prevent safety hazards, such as open trenches. This can take place anywhere from a private residence to a business structure, a parking lot, or driveway.

General contractors might partner with concrete specialists to core, slab saw, or otherwise remove sections of concrete. However, pouring the concrete back is a separate finishing service.

Many things can go wrong with a concrete pour back, so a handyperson should not attempt it. Only trained professionals should carry out a concrete pour back.

What Could Go Wrong in DIY Concrete Pour Back

Attempting a concrete pour back on your own can cause several problems, including:

  • Shrinkage: Although you can expect concrete shrinkage as the concrete dries, extreme shrinkage can affect the concrete’s long-term durability and strength.
  • Cracking: Some cracking naturally occurs, but it can create hazards later. Large cracks in a walkway can be dangerous, while minor cracks indoors can allow mold to grow inside them.>
  • Disintegration: This occurs when moisture enters concrete as it dries and later freezes. Frozen water can destroy concrete over time.

Concrete Pourback Services Concrete Pour Back Details Only Professionals Will Know

Below are a few details for a successful concrete pour back that only trained specialists will know:

Concrete Mixture

If the concrete pour back uses concrete with a different mixture of sand, cement, or aggregate than the original, the pour back will not match the original concrete in color or texture.

Concrete Pour

Different concretes might not match in appearance after drying. The mismatched concrete will become evident after pouring concrete at a later date than the original concrete.

Concrete Match

The concrete formula must be made from the same aggregate and sand from the same quarry for the new concrete to match the appearance of the original concrete.

If the concrete contractor does not apply this knowledge to the pour back, it may go wrong. Cat & I will make sure the different concretes will match before we perform a pour back.

We Provide Turnkey Concrete Pour Back Services

With 30 years of experience, the experts at Cat & I can cut and remove concrete for any construction project, and then replace it with the pour back so you won’t need to call a second contractor.

No concrete pour back job is too big or too small for Cat & I Concrete Cutting & Demolition. Contact us today.