Full Service Concrete Scanning in Central Florida

concrete scannerAt Cat & I Concrete Cutting & Demolition, we offer concrete imaging services to clients throughout the Central Florida area. Our concrete scanning team can provide you with expert help in identifying the areas in which rebar, wiring, pipes and other fixtures are located, allowing you to make the right moves during demolition, cutting, or coring of concrete structures and installations. We work with you to ensure that you enjoy the most cost-effective and practical solutions for your Orlando area construction project.

What Is Concrete Scanning?

Concrete scanning is used to locate wires, pipes, reinforcing rebar and metal inside concrete. These services are necessary before beginning concrete cutting and coring jobs to prevent cutting electrical wires, communication lines and pipes inside concrete walls, floors and other areas of your structure. Our scanning team can also find rebar and metal that could potentially cause damage during the cutting or coring process. This can boost your productivity and ensure the best outcome for your project.

Limitations of Concrete Imaging

Even though imaging equipment has come a long way from where it began there are still some limitations.

  • Materials, such as clay soils and soils that are salt contaminated, reduce the depth of scan.
  • Rocky soils can cause scattered signals and limit performance.
  • A skilled individual with expertise is necessary to interpret the data provided by the scan.

Concrete ImagingWe Scan For

  • Pipes and Conduits
  • Post-Tension Cables
  • Utilities and Live Wires
  • Rebar and rebar patterns
  • Voids within the Concrete
  • Structural Integrity of the Concrete