Concrete Driveway Replacement ServicesAn old, cracked driveway affects your home’s curb appeal and may pose a tripping hazard for your friends and family. At Cat & I Concrete, we offer Orlando driveway replacement services with functional and attractive concrete. From planning to curing, our concrete experts offer full-service driveway replacement services. Watch for these common signs that you need to replace your driveway:

  • Multiple holes and divots
  • Interconnected cracks, long in length
  • Signs of wear and tear in a driveway over 20 years old
  • Drainage issues or standing water

Driveway Replacement in Orlando

In these damaged concrete cases above, it is often more cost-effective and practical to remove an old driveway and replace it with brand new concrete driveway. Our team at Cat & I Concrete Cutting & Demolition starts every concrete driveway replacement project with a site visit to plan your project properly. Then, we demolish and haul away your old driveway. Finally, our concrete professionals skillfully pour and finish your new concrete driveway to ensure lasting, durable results.

Driveways must stand up to various harsh conditions and sometimes heavy loads. For example, weather, foot traffic, and parked vehicles. When installed properly, your driveway replacement can withstand all these circumstances for decades. At Cat & I Concrete, we have the expertise to provide concrete driveway replacements tough enough for your needs. Additionally, we ensure that your driveway provides adequate drainage to protect your home’s foundation from flooding and other negative outcomes. With our knowledge and experience, you will enjoy peace of mind that your driveway replacement project is in the right hands.

Concrete Clean-Up After the Job is Done

After your driveway demolition, we haul away and recycle the concrete and construction debris to ensure convenience and safety for your project. Our team at Cat & I Concrete also provides site clean-up after we pour your new driveway. Therefore, when you work with us, you don’t need to worry about a thing. We quickly and seamlessly replace your driveway and remove the debris so you enjoy a pristine new driveway without any of the hassle. When you need a concrete driveway replacement, call the professionals at Cat & I Concrete and work with the best in the industry.