coringConcrete coring is a necessary part of many construction projects in our area. Using a qualified and knowledgeable Lakeland concrete demolition and coring company is usually a practical way to approach these processes. The right strategies will make a big difference in the quality of the results you can expect from your project. Your concrete coring company will provide you with the most effective solutions for your needs.

The Right Drill

One factor that will affect the results of your Lakeland concrete cutting activities is the type of drill used for the process. Working with a professional firm will provide access to a wider array of equipment for your concrete coring needs:

  • Hand-held drills are versatile and are typically used to make holes of three inches or less in diameter.
  • Rig-mounted drills attach to a solid object and provide easier coring for larger holes in concrete. These drills are used to create holes in concrete of up to six inches.

Concrete coring drills are also available in wet or dry varieties. Dry coring drills are typically used in buildings where added water would create issues with electrical wiring or drywall installations. For new construction, however, wet drills offer significant reductions in the amount of dust produced by this process. Some drills combine the functionality of both to increase the versatility and practical function of these essential pieces of equipment.

The Right Bit

In most cases, diamond bits are recommended to create the most precise openings in concrete. Diamond bits are available in an array of sizes and hardness ratings. Your Lakeland concrete removal and coring company can determine the most appropriate bit for your concrete cutting project. These experts will provide you with the most practical and cost-effective solutions for your Lakeland concrete demolition and coring requirements.

The Most Appropriate Power Source

Concrete coring drills generally use one of three basic power sources:

  • Electric drills are a solid and cost-effective choice in areas where a source of electrical power is readily available.
  • Pneumatic coring drills are typically used to drill holes of up to six inches in diameter. These drills use a rotary motion to cut concrete in a precise way.
  • Hydraulic coring drills are generally reserved for underwater drilling and for extremely large coring projects of up to 72 inches in diameter.

Your concrete coring company will select the right power source for your project and your needs.

The experts at Cat & I Concrete Cutting & Demolition will provide you with the right services for Lakeland concrete demolition, cutting, coring and removal needs. We offer proven solutions for construction companies in the Lakeland area. Give us a call today at 407-654-7574 to request a quote from our concrete coring experts. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.