DemolitionAt Cat & I Concrete Cutting & Demolition, we offer comprehensive demolition solutions for homeowners and commercial firms in Central Florida. We provide our customers with a truly turnkey service offering – integrated home demolition and cleanup capabilities –ensuring that these projects are completed quickly, safely, smoothly and according to plan.

The Right Tools for the Job

Cat & I Concrete’s history in concrete cutting and demolition has given us the knowledge and expertise to execute each project with the right balance of field personnel and heavy equipment to maximize productivity and complete each project as quickly as possible. Regardless of size and scope, we offer a tailor-made solution to your project and ensure that your timeline is met.

Putting Safety First

Cat & I Concrete is committed to maintaining a safe worksite for our employees and the surrounding neighborhood. We are experienced working on large home sites and in very tight neighborhoods, giving us a unique understanding of the challenges posed by each environment. We stay in compliance with all OSHA and EPA regulations to help you achieve your goals in the safest and most environmentally responsible way possible.

Cleanup After the Job Is Done

Cat & I Concrete Services offers fully-integrated demolition solutions – we will complete the demolition of the structure and handle the removal of all waste, leaving you with a clean and open jobsite upon completion. While the demolition is underway, we will work seamlessly with our fleet of dump trucks and roll off trucks to remove waste and debris from the jobsite – leading to a much faster completion and a cleaner finished product.

Site Visit / Project Planning


Cleanup & Hauling of Waste