Orlando roll off dumpster servicesWhen you use Orlando roll off dumpster services, you may end up attracting unwanted guests to your dumpster. Insects, raccoons, or even larger animals can become a problem if you aren’t careful with your Orlando dumpster rental. Though your rental is likely a short-term solution for junk removal, you want to keep your Orlando dumpsters pest-free to avoid these critters from sticking around after your dumpster is gone. Here are some tips to keep pests away from your dumpster rental.

Cover Your Orlando Dumpster Rental

To prevent pests from getting inside, you may want to cover your dumpster rental until your Orlando roll off dumpster services company hauls it away. This can help keep smaller pests like flies and mosquitos out. To do so, cover your dumpster with a tarp or similar item and tie it down securely. Keep in mind that covers aren’t often effective at keeping out larger animals, like raccoons. Therefore, be mindful about placing items in your dumpster that will attract these types of pests.

Don’t Put Food Waste in Your Orlando Dumpsters

Leaving food waste inside your dumpsters can easily draw pests like maggots, mice, and flies. Additionally, it can cause your dumpster and the surrounding area to smell of rotting food. For this reason, it is best to keep food out of your Orlando dumpsters. Improperly disposed of food can attracting pests to your area, and they could stick around after your Orlando roll off dumpster services company removes your rental. You can avoid this issue by refraining from throwing food waste into your dumpster.

Ask Your Orlando Roll Off Dumpster Services Company to Place the Dumpster on Concrete

Another tip to help with dumpster pest control is to place the rental on concrete, if you can. When you place dumpsters in grass, insects and rodents may build nests underneath. Once your rental is hauled away, these nests can be difficult to get rid of. If possible, ask your Orlando roll off dumpster services company to put your rental on concrete or pavement to stop pests from nesting underneath your Orlando dumpster rental.

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