Orlando Roll Off Dumpster ServicesOrlando roll off dumpster services are ideal ways to keep construction sites clean and free of debris and to manage trash generated from home remodeling and spring-cleaning projects. Making sure that unwanted pests do not make a mess by dragging out trash, debris and other items from your dumpsters will save time and effort when managing cleanup. Here are some of the most helpful hints in discouraging pests from visiting your dumpster in our area.

Throw Away Food Somewhere Else

Most Orlando dumpster rentals are not designed for throwing away food and other perishable items. Trash cans and other covered receptacles are much more suitable for these tasks and are typically emptied more frequently. This prevents unpleasant odors from affecting your worksite or the exterior of your home. Keeping food items well away from your dumpsters will discourage raccoons, rats and other pests from invading these spaces and creating problems.

Put Your Dumpster on Concrete

Placing your dumpster on a concrete slab or driveway rather than on grass is a good first step toward managing pests. Concrete can easily be cleaned and does not provide a hospitable environment for bugs or other pests to nest. Choosing the right location for your dumpster delivery will help you to manage all aspects of your disposal operations on your worksite or at your home.

Cover Your Dumpster

One of the most important ways to keep bugs and furry animals out of your dumpster is simply to close it. Most of the pests in our area are not large enough to move or open a dumpster lid. By closing your dumpster every time you finish using it or at the end of your working day, you will limit the amount of time available to pests that might want to make a home in your rental dumpster. This will reduce the risk of insect infestations and unwanted pests at your worksite or living in your rental dumpster at home.

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