Orlando concrete cuttingAdding an extra bathroom to your home is a great investment. However, if your house has a concrete slab foundation, you will likely need Orlando concrete cutting services. Before beginning your renovation, determine if your house is built on a slab foundation. This can affect the design and construction needs of your new bathroom.

Homes Built on Slabs

Adding bathrooms to homes built on slabs means you need to cut through the foundation to find the plumbing. During construction of these houses, pipes and plumbing are laid before concrete is poured to produce the base for your home. Adding plumbing after this process can be difficult and expensive. Therefore, you should find the location of the plumbing under your home and plan your project accordingly.

Depending on where your current plumbing is, the design or placement of your bathroom can change. To ensure the best efficiency for your bathroom construction, create a clear layout. Map out where your sink, shower, and toilet will be. If you want to integrate your bathroom into the existing plumbing, be aware of where drain lines and hot and cold water supply lines are.

Use Orlando Concrete Cutting for a More Polished Look

There are two ways to add your new bathroom: digging into your foundation to connect to the plumbing underneath or installing plumbing above your foundation. With the second option, however, your drain lines will be visible. This can be an unattractive feature and undermine your décor.

Instead, using Orlando concrete cutting to connect your new bathroom will ensure that these unappealing components are hidden from view. Therefore, you need to choose a reputable company to carry out the concrete cutting and Orlando concrete removal. Once everything is connected, you can then re-fill the trench that was cut and dug and cover it with flooring. Since Orlando concrete cutting can be difficult to do yourself, work with experienced professionals to make sure you get the best results for your new bathroom.

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