Orlando Dumpster RentalIf you have an Orlando dumpster rental, you should understand the rules about what can and cannot be disposed of in these containers. This will help you make practical and appropriate use of your dumpsters. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when using your Orlando dumpsters.

Furniture and Household Debris

During renovations or clean-out projects, you need a safe, reliable way to get dispose of many things. For example, you may have old or broken furniture, floor treatments, or mattresses that need to be thrown away. Your Orlando dumpster rental is an ideal pace to dispose of these items with little effort. When the dumpster is full, your Orlando roll-off dumpster services company will remove it on a schedule that fits your needs.

Some Appliances

While many appliances are suitable for disposal in your dumpster, you must remove all hazardous chemicals before placing them in the container. This includes freon, which is found in most air conditioning systems. If you need to dispose of an AC unit, consult with your dumpster rental company before moving these items into your dumpster.

Construction Debris

Also, Drywall, wiring and other construction and demolition debris are usually safe to dispose of in a dumpster. This includes heavy items like brick or roofing shingles and siding. However, you do have to manage the weight of your dumpster. Your Orlando dumpster rental company will provide you the weight limit allowed for your container. If necessary, you can schedule more pick ups so you don’t go over the weight limit for your dumpster.


Electronic equipment, including televisions, computers and other devices, can usually be placed in your container. However, some local regulations require you to recycle these materials. So, it’s a good idea to look into your local laws regarding electronics. If you don’t and just place them into the dumpster, you could potentially end up paying additional fees from your Orlando dumpster company.

Materials That Cannot Be Placed in Your Dumpster

Paint other than latex formulations is not suitable for disposal in your dumpster. Other materials that are not disposable in a dumpster include car and truck tires, hazardous waste, prescription medications and other medical waste, flammable liquids and batteries. These items present a risk to the environment and could create a fire hazard in your dumpster or in landfills.

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