Orlando demolition
Orlando demolition can be dangerous if you perform it yourself.

Where do you begin planning for Orlando demolition? Can you do the work yourself? How do you find a reputable demo contractor? These are all valid questions that you may be asking yourself. Orlando demolition can be dangerous if performed by someone who is unqualified. Therefore, it’s important to understand the consequences of do-it-yourself Orlando demo jobs and how to choose the best contractor for your project.

Do-It-Yourself Orlando Demolition Dangers

When it comes to Orlando interior demolition, you might think that you can handle knocking down a few walls inside your home. However, DIY demolition can endanger your safety and your home’s structure.

Structure Collapse or Weakening

If you plan on opening up your interior space, you may be considering doing the job yourself. However, unless you have extensive demolition and architectural knowledge, you run the risk of damaging a wall that supports your roof. This could weaken the structure of your home, or, even worse, cause your house to collapse on top of you.

Unexpected Plumbing

Another issue that could arise if you perform your Orlando demolition project yourself is that you could encounter unexpected plumbing. Unless you know exactly where your plumbing is, you could end up putting a hole right through a wet wall, or a wall that contains plumbing. This can cause major issues for your plumbing system, result in significant water damage, and cost you a fortune in plumbing repair or replacement services.

Live Wires

In addition to plumbing, your walls also contain components of your home’s electrical systems. Performing Orlando interior demolition without specialized training could cause a house fire or electrocution. Live wires can arc and spark, which endangers you, your family, and your home. Even if you turn the electricity off while you go about your demolition process, you could interrupt circuits, improperly cap wires, or otherwise damage your electrical system.

How to Choose an Orlando Demolition Contractor

Therefore, to reduce risks during your demolition project, it’s important to hire a reputable and experienced contractor. However, how do you find the right company for the job? There are a few things you should check for to ensure the best outcomes for your demo. Make sure that your demolition contractor:

  • Has experience
  • Complies with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, worker safety agencies, and licensing/accreditation agencies
  • Is licensed or accredited to perform Orlando demolition activities

In addition, if your project requires subcontractors, you should ask how you will have control over these subcontractors and whether their services are already included in your quote or estimate from your demolition contractor.

Once you find the best contractor for your needs, your Orlando interior demolition should go smoothly, and you can rest assured that your project will be safe, precise, and according to local requirements.

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