Orlando Dumpster Rental – Cat & I
If you’re renovating your home, you’ll likely need an Orlando dumpster rental. Consider a few tips to prepare your property for your dumpster delivery.

If you need Orlando dumpster rental for a remodel or house clean-up, there are a few things you can do before delivery to make things go smoothly. For your delivery, you will need to know any applicable rules, find the best location for your dumpster, and give your delivery driver a clear pathway. Here are some tips to prepare for delivery of your Orlando dumpster rental.

Understand the Rules and Regulations for Your Orlando Dumpster Rental

Before you even set up your Orlando dumpster rental, it’s important to know a few different things. First, you should make sure you know what can and can’t go in your dumpsters. For example, many local laws require special disposal for items containing hazardous materials, including electronics. Therefore, if you have many electronics you need to throw out, talk to your dumpster rental company about the best steps. In some cases, you can use junk removal services instead of, or in addition to, your dumpsters.

Additionally, some municipalities require you to obtain a permit for dumpsters on your property. If this is the case, you will need to pull those permits to avoid fines and legal trouble. Luckily, when inquiring about your Orlando dumpster rental, your waste removal specialists often knows the regulations regarding dumpster rental. Therefore, if you think you need to rent a dumpster, call your rental company for more information.

Choose a Location for Your Orlando Dumpster Rental

Another important thing to consider is where you want your Orlando dumpster rental to sit on your property. Generally, the best place for your dumpster rental is on a flat, solid surface. For example, a flat concrete area like a driveway. However, it’s important that you have enough room on all sides of the dumpster for easy access. Finding the perfect location can help your project go smoothly and efficiently and will also make delivery and collection easier.

Clear the Area for Easy and Safe Delivery

Finally, before your dumpster delivery driver arrives, you should completely clear the area where you want your dumpster. Clean up debris and obstacles everywhere in the delivery area. Also, you may want to mark the delivery spot with a piece of plywood. This helps your delivery operator know exactly where you want it and can also protect your concrete from the weight of your Orlando dumpster rental. This way, your dumpster delivery will be quick and easy, and you can get started on throwing out what you need to.

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