Tampa Concrete DemolitionCracks in concrete driveways often affect the appearance and the functionality of these access points to your property. Deciding whether to repair or replace your driveway may be challenging. A professional analysis of the current condition of your driveway can help. Consulting with your local Tampa concrete demolition company will provide you with insights regarding repair or replacement of your concrete driveway.

Reasons for Cracks in Concrete

Most concrete cracks are the result of a few simple issues:

  • Concrete that dries too quickly can crack over time.
  • Too much water in the concrete formulation may also result in cracks immediately or over the life of your driveway.
  • Temperature changes and extremes of hot and cold are also to blame for some cracks.
  • Failure to install control joints to account for shrinkage and expansion is the cause for some cracks.
  • The wrong concrete formulation will also make cracking more likely.
  • Pouring concrete during inclement weather also creates added risks of cracking and settling for your driveway.
  • Improperly performed, concrete coring can lead to deep structural cracks that require professional attention.

Working with an established and trusted concrete installation company is usually your best defense against these problems. A Tampa concrete demolition and coring company with proven experience and expertise can ensure the integrity of your driveway.

Risks of Cracks in Concrete

Cracks and uneven settling may present risks of tire damage and trip-and-fall accidents. In the commercial environment, a cracked and damaged driveway leaves a negative impression on potential customers. Investing in a new driveway can help you maintain optimal curb appeal for your property.

Repair or Replace?

Your Tampa concrete coring company will provide you with expert advice on whether repair or replacement is the right choice for your needs. In general, if your driveway has multiple deep cracks or is showing significant signs of settling, replacement is the most cost-effective option. Minor shrinkage and thin cracks, however, may be suitable for repairs with cement or additional concrete. Sealants can also be applied to reduce the risk of these minor cracks in the future.

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