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Slurry Recycling Services

slurryIf you are performing a large concrete cutting or core drilling project, proper containment and cleanup of the concrete slurry is a constant concern and headache. With rising EPA enforcement over the management and disposal of concrete slurry, many contractors have been hit with large fines recently. Most contractors are unwilling to carry the financial risk and liability associated with not cleaning or properly disposing of their water. Cat & I’s slurry recycling equipment eliminates your concerns and potentially saves you thousands of dollars, allowing for water reuse and recycling on site.

How Does Slurry Recycling Work?

The system comes with a 10 foot hose standard to suck slurry water out of any container. Once the slurry water is sucked into the machine, the concrete slurry is separated from the water and gathered in vertical holding screens, where it will eventually harden and dry for easy and safe disposal. A standard garden hose connection on the output allows you to send the clean water down the drain, to reuse the water, or to use the water to wash down your equipment. The dry concrete slurry cakes can be easily disposed of using optional trays or sludge bags, or your wheel barrel, or garbage bag / can.

Why is Slurry Recycling Important?

Slurry disposal is governed by multiple EPA regulations and laws so it is important to know the factors regarding how and why slurry is recycled. The factors considered when testing slurry are ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity and toxicity, if the slurry has a pH level of 12.5 or above then it is considered corrosive. If a slurry test shows that the pH level is below 12.5 and considered safe you still have to consider laws pertaining to the Clean Water Act. The slurry can pollute rivers, streams and reservoirs causing issues with wildlife and operation of the water ways. The MudHen gives Cat & I the ability to effectively and legally recycle and dispose of any concrete slurry.

Concrete Slurry Barrel

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Slurry & Water Separated

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