pool removalRemoving an in-ground swimming pool can be a real challenge. At Cat & I Concrete Cutting & Demolition, our team possesses the expertise and equipment to help you deal with these issues quickly and in the most cost-effective way possible. As the leading Orlando concrete cutting and demolition company, Cat & I Concrete has the experience needed to manage pool demolition and removal quickly and effectively.

The Pool Removal Process

There are two basic approaches to the pool removal process:

  • In some cases, partial removal of your pool may be a more cost-effective solution. This involves the demolition of the top three or four feet of concrete. The pool can then be filled with gravel or soil to provide a level surface for yards or landscaping.
  • Full pool removal services require the demolition of all concrete and other materials. This is necessary on construction sites and other areas where rebuilding may be considered immediately or at a later date.

Cat & I Concrete is one of the few firms able to provide concrete removal services at the end of the project to ensure that your site is left clean and ready for the next phase of your plan.

Site Visit / Project Planning


Cleanup & Hauling of Waste