coringCore drilling is a necessary part of most construction and renovation projects. Companies that offer Orlando core drilling services typically work with construction companies in our area to offer all types of concrete cutting, demolition and debris removal services for worksites. Here are some of the basic facts you should know about core drilling and concrete cutting services in the Orlando, Florida, area.

What Is Core Drilling?

Core drilling uses specialized tools to cut cylindrical tunnels through concrete and other construction materials. The holes created through this process are used to insert wiring or pipes that are needed for power, communications and plumbing installations. Working with a company that offers Orlando core drilling and other specialized concrete services is generally the best way to ensure high-quality work and the best results for your project.

Maintaining a Safe Worksite

During your Orlando home demolition or renovation project, you may end up with a significant amount of waste material. Disposing of this material promptly will keep your workers and your site safer. Scheduling the delivery of Orlando dumpster rentals from a reliable company is the best way to keep your worksite free of broken concrete and other materials that could represent obstacles and hazards in your working areas. Dumpsters will provide a safe and practical way to get rid of construction waste during the course of your renovation or building project.

The Importance of Concrete Imaging

Before beginning your concrete renovation project, it is a good idea to schedule concrete imaging for the materials you intend to reuse. Concrete imaging services provide a clear picture of the interior structure of concrete slabs and panels, highlighting areas where air pockets, previous coring and metal reinforcements may be located inside these materials. This will allow your concrete contractor to avoid issues that can arise when metal pipes or wiring are already present in concrete that is to be cored or demolished. By spotting these issues ahead of time, you can plan for the most effective approach to your renovation or demolition project.

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